I have Honeywell TruDry whole house dehumidifier installed and being controlled with a simple separate mechanical(dial) control. It is plumbed separately with its own return and outs. I want to upgrade my thermostat and might as well combine the two controls. I would also like to use the non variable speed HVAC blower motor to circulate more air than this dehumidifier will currently move(and get rid of the extra duct work in the attic). Can these humidity controlling thermostats work the HVAC and dehumidifier separately, yet run the fan only if dehumidification is only needed? I don't want a controller that will call for A/C and dehumidifier to get the job done. I've been told if I want one thermostat to control everything, I have to get a new HVAC system with variable speed...which I find hard to swallow, and very expensive.

Houston, TX