I recently had a new furnace/ac unit installed after reading countless posts on this site. I am very happy with the results, all is running well, and this site helped me be as prepared as possible for the purchase.

I am writing now to vent my frustration with my utility rebate program. My electrical provider currently offers a rebate for a contractor installed, SEER 15 central air conditioner. The rebate application requested model and serial numbers for Furnace/AC & Coil, as well as, the AHRI reference number. I completed all this information and was pleased to find that my combination of Furnace/AC & Coil had a SEER rating of 15.2 per the AHRI website.

Well I found out today that my rebate was denied and I called to find out why. According to the representative I spoke with, my rebate was denied because the SEER rating did not equal 15 exactly. That's right, my SEER 15.2 unit does not qualify because it does not exactly equal SEER 15. Obviously, I was very confused by this, the representative confirmed I completed the application properly and also confirmed the AHRI number. The only reason he could give me was that it had something to do with testing of air conditioners and that only SEER 15 air conditioners had been tested. He promised to submit my application for review and that I should call back in 5 days, but I don't have high hopes.