I am looking into a NG standby generator; and am seeing if I can run my A/C off it. Not a big deal, but if it is simply done... I would be willing turn everything off for a few hours to run the A/C by itself to cool the house off a bit; and then turn the A/C off and everything else back on.

It is a Trane X14 2.5 ton. The generator installer "thinks" it will work with a 10kw, but that is not very encouraging.
I emailed Trane. They say I should talk to my local dealer or generator installer.
I emailed my dealer. He has no idea.
I emailed Generac. They say I have to rely on the generator installer.

The answer to a question on the Generac website says a 3 ton may run on a 8kw depending on what else is going on. That is encouraging, but the fact it is buried in the Q&A suggests it may not be authoritative.

Any ideas?