My load calc came in at a light 3 ton and Im going dual fuel. I going 3 ton 16 seer 2 stage Amana heat pump and Ive got different quotes on the nat gas furnace part. Ive got quotes for a 2 stage 69000 VS system and a modulating 80000 VS system both Amana. I personally think after I ran the numbers and it says 64000 or 65000 that I could probably get away with a 60000 modulating system but I want to here some of ur guys thoughts. The house is in southern il and its 1600 sq ft with a good amount of glass but they are newer windows and its a well sealed up house built in in late 80s and newly remodeled. Im kinda lost on how the Amana modulating works compared to Carrier or York.

Thanks for any replies and you guys have been a big help that is much appreciated