I am getting ready to have a heat pump installed and need some guidance. I live in a rural area and I am all electric. I had a couple of contractors come out and only 1 did a manual J. He came up with a 2.5 ton heat pump with 10kw of electric backup. He didn't give me the results of the manual J but I did one on my own using loadcalc.net. My results were 20647 btu of cooling, 19499 sensible load, 1148 latent load and 48331 btu of heat. Now I'm sure the contractors calculation was more accurate than mine but if I convert the cooling BTU to tons it comes to about 2 tons. The heat portion seems like it is going to come up short. This is where I get a bit confused. In our area the electric rates are pretty high so I would like to let the heat pump do as much of the heating as possible. It also gets very cold (Iowa) for 3 months a year. So my question is will the heat pump still operated when the temps dip into the teens? I hoping that the heat pump can still run and the electric elements will kick in to supplement it if necessary.