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    Trane's product lines

    I've got an interview coming up with Trane and I've been studying up on their control lines (past and present), but all the pieces aren't quite fitting together for me. Much of the literature on their website is from 2008/2009 and looks like it may be a bit out of date. If anyone wants to break it down for me it would be much appreciated. I come from the JCI perspective and maybe it's my downfall, but I'm trying to compare products to what I know at JCI. I also heard they are using NiagaraAX in the form of Lynxspring, how does that fit into their lineup and do they use an open license?

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    Trane has a few different controls products, with a variety of protocols.
    Your question is too generic for me to answer accurately.

    The latest Trane controls products are focusing on BACnetMSTP protocol.
    Although in the past the Trane offices were allowed to sell Tridium products, recently in some areas there has been some pressure from Mother Trane to only sell own product, namely SC building controller which is Trane's attempt at a Jace/NAE like product.
    good luck.

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