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    Glad I live in AZ

    No one hurt, so it's pretty funny to see cars doing this.

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    What the heck is so funny about that?! I live in Arizona as well, and I dont find anything funny about it. And although no one was hurt, i'm sure those drivers weren't laughing about it either. If you, or a loved one have ever been in that situation, as I have, IN ARIZONA, you wouldn't think it was all that funny either. Its an absolutely helpless feeling when none of the control mechanisms of your vehicle do anything to affect your direction, or rate of travel.
    The last situation I was in like that was in Arizona. It was at night, I was in my service truck, sliding backwards, downhill, with a 10' drop off to my left, the same direction as the pitch of the road. There was no guardrail, only a small berm. As my rate of travel increased, all I could do was pray that no one would come up behind me. And try to steer to keep me from dropping off the road, with just my mirrors to guide me, since I couldnt see out the back. I slid a good 300-400 ft before coming to rest against a tree with my rear wheel sunk into the berm. I had to wait for over an hour for a tow truck to yank me out.
    Now, put yourself, or one of your loved ones, in that same situation.
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    It's funny

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