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    Need Lots Of Remote Monitored Thermostats

    We are in need of thermostats, the problem is I don't know if what we need even exists.

    We need simple thermostats, self explanatory operation (hotel guest rooms) they are controlling conventional equipment PTACS, split DX, and a couple heat pumps. Currently we are using mainly Honeywell focus pro 5000s which sometimes even prove to be to complicated for some guests, but they work ok.

    In one wing of the hotel we have HW / CW TRANE fan coils that have TUC boards we fully monitor and control via Tracer Summit. Which works great.

    The issue now is we want / need remote monitoring, alarming, and control of all the other rooms and cottages 600+. Wireless communication is almost a must because of difficulty in running more wires, WIFI is available in all areas. The perfect solution would be connected via BacNet IP to easily tie into tracer summit.

    I've been looking at the EcoBee EMS Si thermostats, there not BacNet but they have there own combined web portal. Anyone have any experience with these?

    And as always the cheaper the better.

    Thanks In. Advance,
    James C.
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    I know you said Wifi was almost a must, but if you can get around that, the KMC FlexStats will do exactly what you want. Pull a Cat5/6 drop to each stat, it talks BACnet/IP natively, and is fully programmable to boot. I've had great success with these.

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    I think Viconics makes a room sensor/controller with Zigbee wireless on it. I believe they have both LON and BACnet.
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    the KMC stat is nice, but it comes at a premium. you might try exactlogic, if price is the primary objective. they aren't wireless from the box, but for 600+ units...they may be willing to accommodate you. i think their target market is right in line with your particular project.

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    1,898 (though I believe it is vaporware as I saw a unit at AHR a couple of years ago but haven't seen anything since) you could give them a call.

    kontrol out
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    Quote Originally Posted by ControlsInMT View Post
    I think Viconics makes a room sensor/controller with Zigbee wireless on it. I believe they have both LON and BACnet.
    These work well. But there's still a few buttons some customers just don't understand....

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    Here you go jcrank

    Honeywell FocusPro
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