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    Just a bit too close

    I just got back from Gatlinburg, TN; and I snapped this pic while walking the main drag. This was an alley between two buildings. Tight, but there was enough space that they could have pulled it away from the wall some. It was maybe an inch off the wall.

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    Thats one of those units that never needs a run cap, contactor, etc...they just run forever even with sh*tty airflow. And im sure that alley doesnt get to warm in the summer where cutting off a fraction of the coil will make a difference.
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    They left a whole inch, why are they wasting all that space, they could have moved it over at least another 3/4" {screw heads will take about 1/4".

    I saw a rheem unit a rack, in a corner, 2 sides 1" away, the sides accessable were packed.

    Around here there are a lot of units 2" out.

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    They put it that close so they could heat the outside of the building as well.

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    Looks like a plant!. Probably says Gatlinburg PD on the bottom.
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    my boss gets ticked off with me because i like to keep the units at least 20inches away from a wall where its practical. He says im making the unit look like a huge eyesore and it might as well be in the middle of the yard. clearly he never services em.

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