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    Geothermal or gas boiler

    My son is building a home near Waterloo, Iowa. The home will be 1,500 square feet. Both basement and main level will be constructed of ICFs. A preliminary Manual J says he needs about 25,000 Btu./hr. He's thinking about geothermal; radiant heat in the basement and forced air in the living level. From what I have gleaned from many forums is that with a super-insulated home it's more cost effective to go with a tank-less gas fired boiler or a conventional force air system and forget the geothermal. What is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution?

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    It is all about the economics, and I think you answered your own question. Geothermal is more eco friendly because it's only carbon footprint is the one left by electric generation. If you can afford the cost of geo in your area it is a no brainer. Super insulation equals less btu's no matter what you decide.
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