Let's go though a quick history.
We had the American Revolution and a few great men wanted to do things right and insure freedom for generations to come.
Despite the fact the founders knew that political parties wouldn't be good for the country, eventually political parties formed.
When the American public learned what the Federalist party was all about, they overwhelmingly rejected it in 1812.

Many people said the Whig party was a reformation of the Federalist party.
Abraham Lincoln was a Whig party organizer and a lobbyist for the railroads.
Now we see the Republican party has links to a political system that the early Americans rejected.

We're constantly told the Civil War was fought over slavery, which is not completely true.
The propaganda said , ...and still to this day, if you don't support the actions of Lincoln and his government, then you're a horrible pro-slave person.
The Civil War started because government passed unjust laws that forced Southern plantation owners to stop buying goods from other countries and send their money up north.
The main issue was over how much power the federal government has and what rights the states have.
Due to political corruption, the South decided to secede from the union , which they had full right to do. These rights were re-confirmed in the Massachusetts constitution and the Virginia constitution.

Abraham Lincoln , the first President of the "liberal" Republican party, didn't care what the Constitution said.
The Republican party broke many constitutional laws when they invaded the south, and also after they won the war.
They told people they were going to "enforce the bill of rights to the states", have you ever seen the federal government enforce "the right to bear arms shall not be infringed" to the states?
This is proof their slogans were lies.

Now we start to understand how far back out political problems go.
...well things got worse.


Around 1900 , America became the 2nd country in the world to be infected by the rantings of Karl Marx.
They called themselves anarchists , progressives, socialists , communists, marxists, ect.
Once again, America rejected this evil and foreign form of government, so people who were once known as "Communists" stopped calling themselves "Communists" and simply started to sell their issues one at a time.
They became organizations like the ACLU which would eventually poison out entire legal system.
The Socialists had to hijack the "conservative" Democrats because in many areas the "liberal" Republicans couldn't win office.

The Socialists introduced policy like Social Security and other ideas where Americans would take benefits today and send the bill to the future generation.
Bill Clinton pardoned a Socialist bomber and even Obama has connections to Bill Ayers, member of the violent Communist group the Weather Underground.
Marxism is a plot where wealthy conspirators entice the public to overthrow their government for unrealistic promises from Communism.


Neither party wants to talk about the Constitution because both parties implement illegal policy.
The Socialists took over the school systems and no longer teach Americanism.
The Republican party has became the place were conservatives and libertarians are swept under the rug.

Now, the Republican voters say we must continue to support the Republican party because conservatives need to balance the Supreme Court.
That's great logic that even I can't argue with , however, when ObamaCare was brought to the Supreme Court, what did we have?
turncoat justice Roberts passed the bill.
The Supreme Court argument is now dead along with every other reason to continue to back the Republican party.

The answer is not the Democrats or the Republicans, the answer is freedom for everyone though authentic American libertarian politics .

The chances of us fixing the problems restoring the country the country to it's original intent is slim to none.
We need to support 3rd party politics because it's right and out of revenge .
We have a great opportunity to take a chance on reforming the country.
We won't always have the Tea Party option, it's foolish to watch an opportunity to go by.