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    So whats the word on Hydro-Tech Geothermal units

    Does anyone have any experience with Hydro-Tech geothermal?
    How do they hold up?
    Are they quite?

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    no direct experience, I do hear of problems on other forums
    Dewayne Dean

    See my live system data here:

    We Heat and Cool with Dirt

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    Do you mean HYDRO-TECH

    or Hydro-Temp com
    that has been OEM since 1978
    built for WF and Trane and Carrier?

    they had 14000 homes in by the late 80's
    and are #1 in schools for the lowest operating cost per sq ft per school year
    Contractor's Magz said about their 3-side console 2-5 real compressor tons: "Arkansas Simple"
    patented HW heat reclaim priority on demand that others could not touch until 1999, now being copied.
    OEM 4zn since the 1996 "Henry" board, now GC Red Board is ird programmable with 9 smart sensors.
    high mass radiant gt heating works well with this one.

    Other sites zero in on one or two of customers which do not know what they have, I have read: Green build sites, and consortium site.
    Process cooling: NO COMPRESSORS Earth-Coupled since 1996
    ... however, much still needs to be hybridized energy transfer.

    CLOSED LOOP 2015 listed EER's
    even 49+ now; and "blended from low to high variable speeds" for 32deg.F ~ E-Star

    Perhaps you need a 32F Chiller/HW-Heat: buy a GEO-T Heat Pump (GHP with Heat-Recovery) and Bosch/Carrier and

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