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56* air @ 52% R.H

Supply air
120* air @ 100% humidity (My understanding is that air in the duct id 90%-100%)

I don't know enough about psychometrics to say right or wrong. What I do know is what happened.

In the presentation I was trying to lead the class along, to challenge me with it. I felt I left it wide open for dispute and was hoping someone in the class would catch it.(Not seen in the video are about 12 questions that got vary close.) The air was not condescending on the floor. (At the end of the presentation I pointed that out) It was accumulating on the floor. While the group dispersed for the 3.5 hours the super and I took a closer look at the units. The supply ducts were soaked and the evap. coils were ice. As the heat strips came on it sent hot humid air in to the cold humid space and made what I think was a thin fog that accumulated on the floor.

Using the psychrometric chart I was able to convince the crowd and get them off are backs for 3.5 hours. I know when they came back it had worked. Everyone was happy.

Sitting on the beach the other afternoon and experiencing the same thing, I think I was right.

I think most people don't make it to the end of the video where I point out the accumulation part.
It is fair to say, we have not made any progress with some. Mostly by preconcieved notions.
Most are trying to make their concept fit the expeirence.
Get a cold can of pop from the frig, watch the fog near the cold surface?
Concrete with saturated soil on the cold side is not going to absorb much moisture.
Keep challanging your preceptions with an open mind!
Regards TB