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    Html code

    Never write a line of html code before in my life. This is my first html code for webpage. I've been clicking and pasting for the past week.
    Anyway, what I have is the Carel Pcoweb talking to the Carel pco controller. The data is being passing between them two. My deal is to write the html code to have web page.

    The data includes analog values, digital values, and integer values. Analog and Integer are good to me. BUT the digital is what I have problem with.

    For example: My integer value with address #1 (I know from the controller is BLOWER)

    The value for address #1 is either 0 or 1 passing from the controller to the Web.

    I want to write the html code so such that

    Instead of "0" we want it "OFF" or "STOP" or "LAG"

    Instead of "1" we want it "ON" or "START" or "LEAD"

    How to write it?


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    You'll need some JavaScript for that piece...

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    as you know pcoweb is a card that sits inside pco controller. although it can host webpages, from my past experience, it is too small to act as a graphical front end. I usually used pcoweb to get the pco data to bacnet/ip and then put a small separate webserver on it.
    having said that, I think there was a very brief instruction sheet in how to embed data tags in pcoweb's html pages, if you don't have that, I can try to dig it up.
    And as USC says, you need some type scripting to to say, turn 0 into "off" or 1 into "on", if I understand correctly pure html is just for data display.
    I would't try to load up too much graphics and stuff in pcoweb itself, my 2cents.
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    Like everyone else said, this will require JavaScript.

    I'm not sure how much you have researched yet, but a site called W3Schools is an excellent source when learning HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. With JavaScript and HTML, your desired webpage isn't too hard to write.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewang View Post

    With JavaScript and HTML, your desired webpage isn't too hard to write.
    Not for this blind.

    Thanks to all.

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