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    Question Help needed... Honeywell Truesteam wiring

    edit: I realize that this site frowns on DIY questions... all I can offer is that I am familiar with safe wiring practices (I am an industrial instrumentation technician by trade) and I hold no one, including this website or anyone affiliated with it, in any way responsible for the advice that is given. I hope that satisfies the requirements of this forum... if not, I apologize for breaking the rules.

    Hi there,

    I recently installed a Honeywell Truesteam 6 gallon unit.

    I wired using "CONFIGURATION 2 - using a humidistat separate from the thermostat" (I am using the H8908), however, I couldn't seem to find a "C" wire so I didn't wire it. I'm guessing that is my problem...

    Everything else I did agrees with the wiring diagram for "CONFIGURATION 2"... but after I send the call for humidity (which I know the humidifier is receiving properly, as the "Humidifying" light starts to blink after I adjust the humidistat, just like the manual said it should) and then press the "GO" button on the Truesteam, the Service LED blinks 7 times. According to the manual, the issue is "HVAC power not present". Again, I am guessing this is because of the lack of a "C" wire...

    So, I guess my question is, where is my "C" wire? I opened up my furnace (which is an A.A.C Lenox HW/HWC Series model 26HWC123A-2B "Magic-Pak" Thru-the-Wall Unit) and I can't seem to find one... and in fact I found a connector on the circuit board with a "C" pin labelled, and there is no wire connected to it! The following album has images of that circuit board, and the connector in question:
    I do have the manual for the "Magic-Pak" which has 3 wiring digrams for that system (one for 208/230 Volt Single Phase, another for 208/230 Volt Single Phase w/Low Ambient Control and the third for 208/230 Volt Single Phase HW Series... not sure which of these three is the one for my unit, however, I can tell you that all three diagrams indicate what is shown in my images; there are "C" terminals on the circuit board, but nothing connected to them!)... if needed I could take pictures of those diagrams and upload as well.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am very familiar with both your TrueSteam and MP unit, as I have worked on lots of both

    I can tell you that a qualified tech can very easily hook your C connection.

    This site does not however permit DIY

    If your unsure as to where to get your C wire from, I would suggest getting a qualified tech to finish the installation, as a miss-installed steam humidifier can cause you a lot of problems, and will be way more headaches than you want to deal with

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    Quote Originally Posted by LKJoel View Post
    "can very easily hook your C connection. "
    Well, you were right... that was easy! Ran a wire from the ground terminal to C and all works well now.

    Thanks for the reply.

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