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    Looking for websites

    I am looking for websites with troubleshooting flow charts or information. Any help would be appreciated.

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    some mfg's have that offering in their technical info.

    wouldn't it be better to learn to troubleshoot an issue, a flow chart is simple logic, start at point "a' work to point "b" etc, etc.................
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    Here's a flow chart ......

    I found on this website
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    Those flow charts are so basic and lame. Learn your order of operations, and how to read a diagram, and you will be alot better off.

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    I want to thank steve usa for the laugh. I also want to point out that i am not relying on these for troubleshooting units out in the field. I have 12 nate certifications and dont need these. I am using these for a project. If you dont have a website DONT REPLY

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