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    American Standard Heat Pump Gold XI Heritage 15 VS Trane XL15i

    I am looking to have installed one of the two systems below and wondering how much difference there is in the two systems. They are both 3 Ton systems. I am told that American Standard and Trane are the same units except for the covers.

    Are there different models of the American Standard Heritage 15 HP?
    Are there different models of the Trane XL15i HP?

    I live in Southeastern Kentucky. The contractors have recommended a 15 KW heat strip. Would a 7/12 heat strip be better?

    What thermostat would be better for these units?

    American Standard- Outdoor Unit 4A6H5036G1
    Air Handler AM7AOC36H31

    Trane- Outdoor Unit 4TWX5036 B1000A
    Air Handler TAM7AOC36H31SB

    I would really appreciate any information you can help me with. Thanks.

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    Basically the same system mechanically. Main design differences beyond cabinet appearance are the 15i has an ECM outdoor fan motor which helps with efficiency and a better overall condenser fan setup (to keep leaves/debris out of the unit). The 15i is generally quieter than the Heritage 15 (equivalent to the XR15), but both are quiet systems. The 15i will have a 12 year compressor warranty/10 year parts warranty when registered vs. 10 years compressor/all parts on the Heritage 15.

    Both are fine systems if installed properly. Go with whom you feel will do the best work.

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    Thanks for the information Ryan. Do you have any recommendations for the thermostat or heat strip?

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    The strip heat requirement needs to be based on a heat loss requirement, but i suspect the 7/12 kW package is plenty.

    For the thermostat, a VisionPro IAQ that can do dehumidify on demand would be great. If not then a TCONT803 would be a nice alternatIve.

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    I agree with RyanHughes on this. All the info. He listed is correct and straight to the point.

    You just need to decide which contractor you feel the best with installing your new system. Please don't use price as your only reason for choosen one over the other. Pick the company that did load cal, checked ductwork etc.. To install your new system. Ask for other customers that they have installed similar equipment for contact info plus pics of installed products.

    This will help you gauge how whichever company you Chosse does work on the installs look at the entire install before and after pics. Also this will help you choose the installer that will do what he said he would vs just telling you what you might want to hear. In this case actions, pics etc... Speak louder then words.

    Both systems are good but it often the small things that make the biggest Diffrance when deciding on new heating and cooling system and contractor!

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