Bloomberg has a following of mayors against guns, a group of fine individuals working for more gun control. Let's meet a few of them.

Sheila Dixon-Baltimore, MD Convicted of perjury and embezzling funds ment for charity
Eddie Perez-Hartford, CT Convicted of bribery and extortion
Buddy Cianci-Providence, RI Convicted of assault and racketerring
Will Wynn-Austin, TX Convicted of assault
Adam Bradley-White Plains, NY Convicted of domestic violence
Pat M. Ahumada Jr.-Brownsville, TX Arrested three times for driving while intoxicated
Gary Becker-Racine, WI Convicted of attempted child molestation
David Donna-Guttenberg, NJ Convicted of extortion and tax fraud
Kwame Kilpatrick-Detroit, MI Convicted of assault on a police officer and perjury
Samuel Rivera-Passaic, NJ Convicted of extortion and accepting bribes
Gordon Jenkins-Monticello, NY Pled guilty on five counts of trademark counterfeiting
April Almond-East Haven, CT Arrested and charged for interfering with a police officer
Larry Langford-Birmingham, AL Convicted on 60 counts of bribery, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion
Frank Melton-Jackson, MS Convicted of violating his own city gun ordinance
Jeremiah Healy-Jersey City, NJ Convicted of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest
Richard Corkery-Coaldale, PA Convicted of child porn
Rooservelt Dorn-Inglewood, CA Pled guilty to public corruption and embezzlement charges
Tony Mack-Trenton, NJ Recently charged for accepting $119,000 in bribes

All fine city mayors who have your best interest in mind and your personal safety by taking away your Second Amendment right to self-defense with a firearm. Nice bunch of friends mayor Bloomberg has assembled.