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    Upgrading old system and wondering about AQ filtration choices

    Thanks in advance for some great knowledge learned by reading the posts of some great professionals!!

    I am upgrading my home's 18 year old original Furnace and AC system that has finally deteriorated. With this I am trying to improve my systems air filtration/purification ability as pollen and air particulates have caused some health issues with my family.
    I have a few bids from contractors to install a Lennox el296v and 13acx AC unit. I am looking at adding a HC16 or Pureair to the system. My question is the benefit of the cost of the Pureair over the hc16 - is it worth it? Anything else I should be considering?
    Any other recommendations/tips would be greatly appreciated as well.

    The house is 2250SF, two story and we are in the West with minimal fairly consistent temperature climate (low's 30 in winter/high 95 or so in winter with minimal humidity). House has 13 registers and one return in the upstairs.

    Thanks again to all !

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    I would spend a little more time on why you need it and what you expect to get out of it.. You have two floors and one return..

    Some questions i would ask my contractor.. Is one return enough. not returning air from various areas can cause dead spaces and air change is not possible.
    Best way to operate the system? Is it better to run the fan system 24/7
    Access to the air purifier is important. whats the cost to maintain it per year. maintenance cost and frequencies.
    Ask to see the warranties for each unit. .

    check out this web site..

    also look in Homeowners Manuals, show layouts.

    Its nice to get a top of the line HVAC system but one thing to ask yourself..Does the cost of this system benefit me considering the age of the house and layout. and what other upgrades do i need and whats the cost to do it to get the most out of it.

    Look at this post.....

    great is the rest of your 18 yr old duct work?

    spend a little time now so later you dont have an expensive HVAC system not working at its full potential.

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    HC16 is somewhat less than the Pureaire. The HC is a MERV 16 media filter which is one of the better media filters on the market. Most of the Honeywell filters you may see at home depot are MERV 12. The pureaire consist of a media, catalyst filter, and uv light which activates the catalyst. This filter is a great filter and requires more maintenance. You will need to replace the media once or twice a year depending on your home and this goes with all medias. You will need to replace the uv lights every year maybe every two years and the catalyst I am not sure if it was annually or up to 5years. Either way Lennox provides a kit with everything and I would replace it annually for optimal performance. Is the pureaire worth it? Well if your home has never had a filtration system then you will see a great improvement with the HC16. I typically recommend the Pureaire to those with asthma or other related health issues or those with issues in the home with odors such as pets. Make sure your contractor verifies that your supply and return air ducts and return grilles are size properly since the filters will increase the static on your new system.

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