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Thread: Digital Scrolls

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    Digital Scrolls

    Hi Everyone
    Does anyone have any information about copeland digital scroll upgrades. Is it possible to convert an existing scroll to digital, and if so has anyone done it and how do you know if it can be done to the scroll. I have heard it is possible and would like to do it to a couple of racks I have inherited but cant get much info on it.

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    I don't think it is possible to convert a non digital compressor to a digital compressor. The digital has a solenoid that allows the upper stationary part of the scroll to lift up thereby creating a gap between the scrolls effectively unloading the compressor.
    If it is possible to convert a non digital compressor to a digital compressor I sure would like to learn more about it. I believe you could install a digital compressor and a control board and convert a system to digital. It would require a analog signal for modulation.
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    You can't retrofit an existing standard scroll to digital. You must replace the existing scroll with a digital scroll.

    Copeland has an aftermarket retrofit kit which is intended for HVAC applications:

    I'm not aware of such a kit for Refrigeration though.

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    Yes you can upgrade to a Digital however you will need to replace the existing compressor with Digital. You Also need a controller to operate the Digital , we now have two types of controllers, stand alone and open loop. If you would like more information please feel free to direct message me.

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