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    Recommendations for water in plenum

    Two nights ago we had quite a bit of rain/snow fall and in the evening my wife heard what sounded like dripping water coming from the air ducts. (These ducts are in the concrete slab). I pulled the couch back and sure enough I saw a water up to the edge of the bottom of the metal flashing. Through some other research and phone calls we had a camera inspection company come out to day and scope all the ducts. We found that they were in pretty healthy shape with no mold and only a few rust spots. There was definitely water in the plenum and the dirt/mud residue was throughout the ducts. It was recommended that a sump pump installed near the plenum would resolve the issue, but I am curious if that just fixes the symptoms of the water leaking in? Should we invest in proper french drainage-- having the ducts coated-- or just take them overhead?? Thanks in advance.

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    the only 100% cure for this is an overhead duct system.
    a sump pump would remove most of the water but still leave the system damp, musty and a possible place for mold.
    a french drain MIGHT stop water from getting in but no way to know for sure.

    we have done a few that we converted to overhead system and just filled the old system with concrete to seal it off.

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    if water is getting in, air is getting out. the ductwork is leaky. coating could be an option, but it would not address the water table issue you have to your slab. coating can reduce the likely already inadequate ductwork sizing and cause air distribution issues. overhead ducts means into the attic where heat gain will reduce your cooling capacity of your existing equipment...
    landscaping may be all that's required to divert the water runoff, heck, it could be as simple as changing your gutter downspout diverter...
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