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    allsandrwr, this is the Ask Our Pro's forum, and only Pro members that have been vetted by the AOPC may post advise, commentary or ask questions of the OP here.

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    Sounds like the thermostat needs to be configured correctly or connected to the thermostat wiring correctly.
    Most thermostats are compatible with a huge range of equipment. Just need to configure and wire them to match the equipment that is in place. Sometimes a minor misconfiguration or mis-connection can cause a major issue, sometimes a minor issue.
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    You need to hire a competent technician, as it's pretty evident you've not found one with this person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJW17 View Post
    Since the beginning of December when a honeywell VisionPRO TH8000 series was put in, the heat pump has not been throwing heat. The guy doing the work has changed the contactor, defrost control board, and refrigerant and when on the phone with honeywell to try to troubleshoot the problem, they said it was the compressor. Rather than go through the issue of replacing this and possibly not work, he put in a Ducane heat pump, initially had a Bryant. The heat pump still will not throw heat. We are running our Emergency heat which is propane. He has no idea as to what it may be, and plans on trying a different thermostat to see if the problem is with that, and contacting honeywell again. All fuses have been checked and are fine. Just looking for a little bit of advice on what may be wrong, and would be greatly appreciated.
    I'd like an update. Did your new guy find the problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    time to replace the technician
    There out of stock>
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