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    PCV1620 and bacnet device instances

    Is it possible to change the device instance on a PCV1620 once its been programmed (without re-downloading to the box)? I have duplicate device instances on different fieldbuses and different supervisors that are creating big issues when bacnet ip is enabled on the FX60s... Device network IDs are changing to that of Other FX60s since they share nodes with the same device instances

    I want to avoid downloading to 500 boxes again... Thanks

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    I think I should be able to do this using the read/write attributes function in PCT but I keep getting an error after changing the Bacnet ID and clicking write attributes : "No attributes are defined"

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    Click on the last column to add/change an attribute. I dont think you use that to change the instance number though and I know you cant change it in niagara. I always thought the controller had to be downloaded to change the instance number, I could be wrong though

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    You could always edit them all, then use the mass download tool. Either way, it's not going to be easy or quick and it's going to suck. Too bad there isn't an NAEPOINTS schedule for the FX stuff. I got away from the FX stuff and went back to Metasys awhile back because it was all so time consuming. Maybe my failed support channel left out some info, but I don't think it's available on that side of the business.

    I could be wrong.

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    In my notes from PCT class I wrote the only way to fix this issue was to download the controllers again.

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