while Dorner was still alive i heard on the news that you could read his "manifesto" online.
it didn't take to long to realize this guy was making false accusations and ranting.

in one charge, he claims he came across LAPD officers who were singing Nazi Youth songs.
the chances of LAPD officers , knowing, and singing Nazi Youth songs, and Dorner being able to recognize one, is slim to none.
i think it's safe to assume this guy was a nut, and not just someone who flipped out because of a bad deal.

so after this incident, the Chief said he's going to look into Dorner's case. (and 5 or 6 other people's)
the ONLY reason why they will re-open the investigation is because of the accusations of racism.
now we got people in suits, on golden time, saying they will get to the bottom of this.
there's nothing to figure out, the guy was a freak, but the city is going to put on a big charade.

Dorner was a nut, but he continued to receive promotions in the military and on the police force.
where was the mighty psychological test given by the police department?
Dorner , himself, said he was having conflicts with other officers.

this has all the signs of another Affirmative Action blunder.
how many highly qualified white guys were rejected by the police department so they could hire Dorner, because they felt they needed more "minorities"?
the city is boldly looking for racism, when they need to review their insane placement policy.
what i'm suggesting is a forbidden topic.

...just another day in reverso-land