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    yor welcome it does eat up some batteries but it's worth it.
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    The LED Flashlights will also flicker when the batteries get low.

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    Also use a pencil eraser and rub it on the terminal by the light. I had to do it a few times, battery makes better contact.

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    My new mini-mag light works awesome. I have had no problems. It has 4 settings. 100% 50% strobe SoS. I use it everyday

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    Purchased a "streamlight" at J-mart called Stylus Pro, has been very good to me. uses 2 AA batteries that fits in shirt pocket next to the ink pen ( also comes with a holster ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy knocker View Post
    Had a sure fire in Iraq attached to an M4. Fantastic little light. Wish I had it back, left for the next guy. Pricey but worth it. May look into that.
    I've carried a SureFire for about 14 years.

    Cannot complain a bit about the light.

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    I went threw about six different companies so far.. The next one to try is the FEnix pd32... But still contemplating

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    My coworker and I bought the Terralux 180, from Johnstone, and have the same issue.

    I have a thread on here somewhere about the quality of battery being used as a possible cause. I know for a fact that some are shorter than others, thus the spring stretch trick works.

    I was also told that the battery life on this is 4 hours MAX, more like 2 with constant use.
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    For a solid el-cheapo that's priced to be disposable, in an earlier thread, someone (2sac?) mentioned TrustFire S-A2 Cree XPC-WC-Q5.. $15 price range on e-bay, was a bit cheaper on dealextreme (search by sku 36358). Small, 230 lumens, 3 modes (100%, 50%, strobe), can take some hits, doesn't need to be shaken to work, sturdy construction, runs on either AA or 14500 lithium batteries. The only issue is that they're made in China.

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    Pulling the spring is a temporary fix. If it's the old style mag light you'll notice it puts a little dimple in the positive end of the battery, causing poor contact. I had the new one with the three battery holder that slides in and didn't have an issue for months. I lost it and bought a replacement and this one acts up. Go figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viceman View Post
    i bought a mini mag light yesterday. first one i have bought in a LONG time. the old ones never seemed to work with the bulb. always had to shake and tap them to get them to work. the NEW one has a LED. bright, sleek and......................

    i have to shake it to get it to work. new out of the box. somethings never change.
    Bad ground, haha. Hey make sure that you read the directions on the LED MiniMag lights as they do some things that most aren't aware of.

    Turn it on and you have full power, on-off-and on again you have 1/2 lumens, on-off-on-off-on and you have a flashing flashlight, on-off-on-off-on-off-on and you have an S O S signal flashing light. I've had mine for 2 years and was just shown this the other day.

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    I put a small glob of vaseline on the battery holder contact. Works great.

    This also works on volume controls and other types of variable resistors that have spotty contact. Put a tiny glob on the resistor strip of the potentiometer. If you listen to a radio that sputters loudly when you turn the volume knob, the vaseline will eliminate the noise.

    Also works on car battery cable-to-clamp connections. Clean the cable end with a tooth brush and baking soda paste, rinse, dry with a hair dryer or a butane lighter, then coat with vaseline. Sometimes a corroded battery cable is all that's keeping keeping your battery from recharging or your car from starting.

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    I never seem to have trouble with my mag lites I have a mini and a 2D guess I just got lucky has them both a couple of years

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