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    2 Trane RTU's for sale

    Hi fellow HVAC professionals.

    I have a somewhat unusual offering for sale in these two RTU's by Trane.

    First, let me list the units by model/serial numbers:

    Unit #1 (40 ton):
    M# SFHCC404LJ00D59S3D00BGLRT8S S# J89M73413
    Unit #2 (50 ton):
    M# SFMCC504LJ00D59S3D00BGLRT8S S# J89M73414

    These units were mounted on a building that was custom built as a chemistry lab. The apparent intention was no recirculating air (100% make-up air delivered to building), and all return air went out through extraction blowers in hoods over the work areas. The units were installed when the building was commissioned in 1989.

    The business went broke in about 5 years and the electrical power was off for a while. The current owner (my customer) bought the building and had 2 Trane YCH120 RTU's 'grafted' into the ductwork. This serves the load acceptably.

    There remains the two larger units mentioned above. As far as I know, these units have not been run in close to 10 years. My understanding is that when the current owner bought the building, the units worked. I am not experienced on this design of unit, and my gut says not to go up there and try to start them.

    These units are mounted on a building about 5-6 miles from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport, close to the BoulderCrest Rd exit off 285.

    The owner of the building asked me a while back if there was a market for these units. The units are being offered for sale, as is, with no express or implied warranty. The prospective buyer is welcome to inspect the units and if they are qualified, start them up. The electrical connections (460v 3ph) are still there, the breakers are off.

    The buyer will need to remove them from the roof, arrange transportation, and arrange for the roof to be repaired to a watertite condition in a professional way. The curbs can remain, as long as the seal is watertite and dependable.

    These units are something like 6 ft tall, 6-7 ft wide, and 20 ft long. They have hospital 90% bag particulate filters mounted before the standard 2" filters.

    Bald Loonie sent me a 4m PDF with specs on them from Trane, I can forward that to anyone that is interested. I also have a few pictures I could send along; I honestly have never figured out how to post pictures here...

    You can reach me at:

    Home dot Service at CHS-Inc dot net


    As to price, I am not really sure what the market for these units would be. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Thank you for reading this add.
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