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    CSI MR88R Controllers

    I just found this site, and your discussion of CSI MR88r controls. Did you ever get an answer on your question about the software?
    If you have a work station attached, you have extensive help files to use with troubleshooting.
    The system you're using is CSI Inet7800. Technical information on the controllers is available on the TAC website.
    You should already have the software, and the help files are available if you do. It is possible you have a system installed without a workstation, running in the stand alone mode. I'd have to have more info on what you actually have to give you more direction.
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    The MR88R has seven universal inputs that are user configured as 05 V, 010 V, 020 mA, thermistor or discrete, and the I/STAT. All seven inputs are configured (selected) using plug-in resistor banks. The MR88R provides eight low-voltage, single form-C relay outputs.
    To find out if you have communication on the MR88R board look for a led bar with 10 lights on it, two of those lights are for communication over the lan they are the TX and RX LED lights and they should be flashing together, if they are not both flashing then you do not have a cable connection to the board form the controller, look for a break in the cable, they are cabled in parralell one divice to the next device and then back to the controller lan connection point. The other 8 LED lights are for the relay outputs, light on is relay powered and light off relay not powered.
    The software is purchaesd from TAC which now owns CSI or INET7 as they prefer to refer to it now, you do need to be a partner or work for TAC to be able to purchaes the software. You should be able to look on the computer that has the Plexus frontend and see if the INET software is installed on the machine for porgramming. Then you can connect to the system and look at the programming. INET uses Boolean Logic for programming. If the customer has proof of purchae of the software and serial number for it then you can have them purchase a replacement copy if it is INET7, as INET 2000 is no longer available for purchase. That will be the only way that you can obtain the INET software.
    If you are not connected to the MR88R controller then it is functioning as a stand alone device and running it's last program request from the controller, but if there is communication to the device then the 7790 is controlling the MR88R and you should be able to see these points.

    Hope this give you helps.

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