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    Weil Mclain gas boiler cga-3 - loud blower

    Repairing my house from Sandy and we installed a new Weil McLain high efficiency gas boiler. We have a small beach cottage and we finally got back in and the noise from the blower is tough to take and scares my 3 old in his room. Is this normal for their boilers?

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    No, it's not normal. More info is needed.

    Can you post some pics of the boiler and vent piping?

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    often in that kind of setting (beech front) the combustion air is latent air with a high salt content thus when burned causes rapid oxidation and also breaks down luberacants faster . Check to see if that motor has oil bearings or a possible obstruction in the cage?

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    Thanks for your input, I think the pictures uploaded. I talked to a rep at Weil McLain and she assured me that the noise was normal and that I would get use to it. Great service!!! I discussed the issue with my HVAC contractor and he checked the unit, we are going to try to vent the boiler outside and beef up the closet door and sound proofing. I still do not love the solution but I don't want to pay for a new unit or stick my contractor with this used one.

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    That's not a high efficiency boiler.
    If you were contracted for a high efficiency boiler, you need to speak with your contractor.
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