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    Carrier Gen II and Gen III controls, Carrier 23XL chiller controls, ABB drives 15 HP

    An updated list of Carrier Gen II, Gen III, and 23XL chillers parts. All parts are used, except as noted. All were working when removed. 480-924-9114, or you can email me, check for email under my profile.

    10+ Carrier stats; part # 33CSZC--PI
    3 Carrier remote sensors; part # 920077
    10+ Carrier heat relay packs; part # HR03
    10+ Carrier pressure transducers; part # 33CSPS--02
    1 Carrier monitor stats; part # 33CSVM--32
    10+ Carrier damper/actuators; part # 33CSDCA090
    2 Carrier power supply; part # CEAS420652-01
    3 Carrier part # HK50AA001; PSIO module 12 input 6 output
    3 Carrier part # CEAS421207-02-01 data collection III module
    2 Carrier part # 39na41002502; 8088 PSIO module 256K
    5 Carrier part # CEAS420773-01; 8 input module
    2 Carrier part # CEAS420772-01; 8 output module
    1 Carrier part # CEAS420876-02 repeater
    1 Carrier part # CEPL130282-01 NDS bridge
    2 Carrier part # CES0121319-01 Starter management module (SMM)
    3 Carrier part # CES0130036; 23XL chiller lid assembly
    3 Carrier part # HK35AA003; 23XL chiller board relay ( 6 pack)
    3 Carrier part # HK35AA002; 23XL chiller power supply 5 VDC
    2 Carrier part # HK50AA006; module input
    1 Carrier part # CEPL130322-02 rev 2 Chillervisor III module
    1 (new) Carrier part # 23XL04007215; PSIO II module

    ABB variable freqeuency drives, total of 2, model #ACH401601132, 15 hp, 480v 3pH

    2 used ABB drives, model #ACH401601132, 15 hp, 480v 3pH. These are working pulls. Call if you have any questions, 480-924-9114, or email me, you can find my email address under my profile.

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    Do you still have the 33csdca090 damper motors and if so how much.


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    Yes, I still have 10+, how many are you looking for? Call me at 480-924-9114, or leave me your phone number and I will be glad to call you.

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