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    TSI 6203 Combustion Analyzer FOR SALE

    This is my TSI 6203 CA I have had since 2007. Company has purchased me a new Bacharach, so retiring my TSI.

    It has been sent in every year for calibration and most recently (June 2013) was recalibrated and NEW O2 and NO sensors by the infamous Jim Davis with National Comfort Institute.
    CA is in near perfect operating condition. There is the VERT occasional error with the pressure differential transducer which is only used for draft measurements, does not effect operation, though.
    Entire system and accessories are housed in a solid lockable and foamed lined case.
    This is a high end CA with the ability to measure Oxygen, CO, Nitric Oxide, flue temps, supply air temps, and draft pressures. Also able to calculate CO2, excess air, stack loss, combustion efficiency, differential temperatures, NOx, CO undiluted, NO undiluted, COr index, NOx undiluted, and emission rate of CO and NO.

    Unit operates on either C-cell batteries or AC power supply.
    Printer operates on AC power or Rechargeable battery.
    CA communicates to printer via RS232 serial or to the laptop using Windows download.

    Been an awesome CA for annual inspection purposes of industrial systems. Also great for residential or light commercial use.

    Asking $500 plus $50 shipping. Pretty firm on this price, new this baby was almost $5000.

    Not looking to make a huge profit, know we are all strapped on cash these days, so pricing this guy to sell soooo PLEASE only serious and interested individuals. Not in the mood to answer a thousand questions. Have attached manufactures link and as many relevant photos as possible.

    Filter, sensors, and necessary parts are all readily available through NCI or Raeco. And printer paper is fairly universal from your local OfficeDepot or Staples or can be purchased on-line, too.

    Here is all the info you need to read up on this unit:
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    Is your CA still available.

    Can you ship to Canada?

    when was it last calibrated?


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    Unit is still available.
    It was sent in and recalibrated just a few months a go, in June.
    I believe I can ship to Canada. I would need your zip code and would have to check with FedEx on pricing and customs fees.
    You can use my email in my profile to get me your address and we can go from there.

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    I have been looking for a Combustion Analyzern and this one looks good as long as it can do nox if it can i will buy it immediately.

    Here is my name & # Chris (305)332-7826

    Thank you

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    Do not be alarmed when you find out that TSI no longer makes, analyzers, services them, or has parts for them. Most of the parts are universal and exchangeable from other makes of analyzers. Testo and Bacharach both use the same O2 sensor. Most sensors are all made by the same manufacturers not the analyzers companies. Probes are repairable or replaceable fairly simple.

    Is a great unit and a steal. I will help keep them running as long as possible.
    captain CO

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