I recently had a dual fuel system(Heat Pump/ gas furnace) installed by a professional contractor. He installed a Honeywell T6220D thermostat. The problem I have is the furnace and heat pump both seem to run WAY too often. I have been switching between heat pump and furnace depending on outside temps.
I know after reading these forums that the Honeywell works on CPH, so I tried to adjust the CPH settings on the thermostat.
The problem is, it seems to be missing most of the CPH settings. The only one I can find is Stage 2 heat cycle rate/auxiliary heat cycle rate(#6), all the other CPH settings listed in the manual are unavailable(#3,#5,#9,#10). My installer says this is normal, but I'm not sure. I'm worried to see my electricity and gas bills, something seems wrong. Is anyone familiar with these thermostats?