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    New Furnace/heat pump and thermostat installed...runs too often.

    I recently had a dual fuel system(Heat Pump/ gas furnace) installed by a professional contractor. He installed a Honeywell T6220D thermostat. The problem I have is the furnace and heat pump both seem to run WAY too often. I have been switching between heat pump and furnace depending on outside temps.
    I know after reading these forums that the Honeywell works on CPH, so I tried to adjust the CPH settings on the thermostat.
    The problem is, it seems to be missing most of the CPH settings. The only one I can find is Stage 2 heat cycle rate/auxiliary heat cycle rate(#6), all the other CPH settings listed in the manual are unavailable(#3,#5,#9,#10). My installer says this is normal, but I'm not sure. I'm worried to see my electricity and gas bills, something seems wrong. Is anyone familiar with these thermostats?

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    Depending on model of heat pump. That is not the best thermostat to use for duel fuel.
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    I would take it one step further and say that tsat doesn't work on a dual fuel system.

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    "Switching" should be automatic. It would be ideal if the unit ran in one mode or another all the time since you need heat, once in season, all the time. An outdoor sensor integrated with the indoor thermostat would tell the furnace what heat source would be optimum for the particular weather you are in.

    You should not have to figure this out yourself. Have the contractor bring in the manufacturer's rep or distributor to help you sort this out.

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    Have your installer upgrade you to the 8000 series or even better the IAQ. Both will accept the outdoor temp sensor and allow the stat to completely control the dual fuel functions.
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    do you have a external fossel fuel kit installed ,the honeywell iaq thermostat is great for operating a duel fuel
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