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    McDonnell Miller AutoFill

    Hi all, new here.

    I have a well maintained 30 year old Weil McClain steam boiler for my house. I flush and fill to the correct line every 2 weeks or so, I lose little or no water, and the house is nice and warm.

    The McDonnell Miller 247-2 (or 47-2, not sure) LWC works (has been tested), but the AutoFill part had stopped working years ago. I did not care much, but when my plumber was doing some other work for me about 5 yrs ago, I asked him to look at the problem; and he replaced the 247-2. The autofill worked for 2-3 years, but it does not work now (again). I looked online at the M-M 247-2 manual, and I have wondered if the strainer and cartridge might be clogged with one has ever taken them apart to check.

    Is this the likely reason the autofill would stop working? If so, I could easily take the nuts off the bottom to change them, but where do I purchase a new cartridge/strainer(filter)? When changing, I assume I shut off the water first, right? otherwise I will make a flood???



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    Replacing the cartridge would be the first start. I was on one today that the float was stuck up and after cleaning the bowl the fill would feed very slow. The boiler was also producing over 1000ppm co in the exhaust. The customer was blowing It down every 2 weeks and "maintaining" it himself. (Yeah right) calls like these make me feel good. I potentially saved his life twice.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I will check and replace the cartridge and strainer after the winter ends (and I shut down the system). Anyone know where I can purchase them?

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