We are looking to having our first floor Lennox G40 replaced. There's nothing wrong with it now, we just want the proper size installed and want variable speed to help with dehumidification in the summer and to boost the efficiency up on our Trane XR15 to 16 seer.

We had a contractor come in today and evaluated the ductwork and performed a manual j. He was very professional and didn't try to oversell us. The contractor that came in last week was from the same company who installed the XR15, and the estimates were too high, so I threw those out. He performed a manual j as well. I won't mention prices since it's not allowed here.

We were quoted on Trane, Lennox, and Amana. These were from the contractor who came in today.

Trane quote: XV80 TUD2C080B9V4VA 2-stage, variable speed. lifetime warranty on heat exchanger. 10 year on parts.

Lennox quote: SL280UH090V48B 2-stage, variable speed. 20 year warranty on heat exchanger. 10 year on parts.

Amana quote: AMVC80604B*B 2-stage, variable speed (of course, this came in as the cheapest of the three). comes with lifetime unit replacement warranty, 10 year on parts.

*No matter which route we go, the ductwork WILL be upgraded. (Y'all probably remember the pics I posted in one of my last threads. The current ductwork is horrible) Some returns will be added as well. The current Honeywell visionpro IAQ thermostat will remain. No need to swap it out. One nice thing about the contractor, he started off doing installs, then service, then worked his way up to sales consultant. He's been in the industry for about 20 years.

We will most likely go with the Amana, but I'm starting to think that mixing brands in not a good idea. The contractor said that you can have a different brand furnace, as long as the A/C and coil match. Is this true??? He didn't recommend a 95% efficient furnace due to the relatively warm winters Atlanta has. I do know that install is more important than brand. We also have the option for an air cleaner. Which route do you think we should go? Sorry about the long post. We decided to go ahead and leave our basement system (Trane XR11) alone and only have the ductwork replaced for it. Thanks in advance.