Went on an after hours warranty call today. My company just installed it yesterday. I didnt learn until I was there that 2 helpers did this install. It clearly showed. Went out the back door and heard the draft motor running with the flue full of water. Got into the muddy messy crawlspace and couldnt believe my eyes. The furnace trap was installed laying down horizontal. The flue had a 5'section on exhaust side with no pitch. I could hear it full of water. The furnace wasnt level. The furnace hangers were reused. I guess they didnt think about checking it. I spent four hours there fixing all this mess and then checking everything. Have to get a new trap and go back with it. They glued a coupling on the incoming side it and it needs to be a 90.

The install instructions didnt mention much about the drains. Pretty much the trap only. I had a time getting all the water out it. Luckily there wasnt any moisture in the pressure switch tubes. It was running good when I left.

I just dont know why Lennox doesnt have any drain tubes off of the draft motor housing? Lennox n00b here. Any ideas? Any tricks or tips for me to do get the water out easier next time? I pulled the draft motor out and found shavings from the pvc pipe they didnt clean before connecting it. What a way to spend a Sunday. Missed the race too! Thanks in advance.

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