Thanks for great responses before installation, now I have some questions post-installation:

The TAM7 has 2.5 ton coil XR16 HP is 2 ton. I was told AH settings were changed to a 2 ton, 800 CFM (400 CFM per tone, per installer). This is a replacement installation using existing ductwork.

This is day 3 post-install, and I do not know how fast or whether anything is to "learned" by system or than Adaptive Recovery (which I choose to use even though not always recommended with HP).

Some questions:

1. The airflow is not fast enough to turn the air, so the warm air stagnates at about waist height, noticeably cooler below. The old system was probably too fast, but I need think a LITTLE more is needed. I believe that this is an adjustment?

2. The proposal included that the airflow be adjusted by use of temp change across the coil for each stage (4h/2c), and adjust to mfg requirements. Is this still the way system CFM is adjusted? If not, how is it supposed to be correctly determined for the existing ductwork? What should I be asking for?

3. I do not recall hearing a vacuum pump (or see one) being used to evacuate the system. Lineset is about 40 feet, about 15 across, the rest up. Is it possible that lineset was not evacuated since the compressor is supposed to have enough gas for 15 feet, and I saw that additional gas was added? Would that just affect efficiency, or would system simply not work. Right now, it is unusually warm for February in Atlanta, so I would not know if the system was inefficient.

4. Visionpro IAQ was installed with Remote INDOOR sensor, and it appears wired in. However, Temp at thermo (using 3 thermostats) is consistently NOT averaging the two. Installer Settings show that it is set for Averaging (#340 Selection 2). I am showing, e.g., 67 on VisionPro, (Verified as 67) and 63 at Sensor (Verified as 63). I guess that Installer needs to test wiring, etc? No error codes, so I presume the sensor is being recognized.

5. I wanted Outdoor sensor under the eaves away from the unit. Installer wanted to install it in the unit. Neither will be in direct sunlight. The Sensor Instructions do not mention anything about installing it in, or even near the unit (and especially not above the XR16). Is there a difference? For one, under the eaves is about 20 feet off the ground and is an open area.

6. If I ran the VisionPro Testing Mode for the 4 stages of heat, without any error code being generated, may I presume that the system is functioning with 4 stages of hear?

7. With IAQ and EIM, what controls the TAM7 ramp-up profiles? Are there options on the TAM7 board? I know that on cool, there is to be a dehumidifying ramp-up.

8. The IAQ EIM was to be set to lower the fan speed slightly if the dehumification profile was on occasion inadequate. Is this best implemented through the IAQ Dehumidifier setting (which might affect ramp-up dehumidification) or should I use the separate Dehumifier control that I had on old system (close on rise) to manually cause the Fan Speed on cool to be lowered (presumably, by some fixed percentage).

I know that these are some technical questions, and a number of them. I really appreciate everyone's input.