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    Permissible Tape : 2006 Mech Code and 2009 Energy Conserv. Code

    Hi, I am located in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Have just had complete install of new Trane TAM7 (with Aprilaire 20x25 unit) in attic. System was connected to existing ducting, which was combination of flex and steel on return, and steel on Supply. Inspection will be Tuesday.

    Questions About Taping and Sealing:
    1. Under 2006 Code, are there any places where simple ungraded 2" "metal" tape can be used?
    a. Flex to Metal (metal collar off plenum)
    b. Apriliare to Metal Plenum?
    c. Plenum to TAM7 (Metal to Plastic)
    d. Metal Roll Insulation to TAM7
    2. Is there any area where graded and ungraded tape can be used simultaneously? The AprilAir was installed with Graded Mastic on one side of door, and ungraded tape around the rest. Should mastic tape have been used?
    Name:  One Side Aprilair Door to Duct Wrap.jpg
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    3. Are Graded Flex Duct outer tears permitted to be fixed with ungraded tape?
    Name:  Repair of Graded Duct Wrap without Graded Tape.jpg
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    4. Can a flex duct jacket be connected to 4" metal collar off metal plenum with just zip strip, and no tape? There is mastic over joint, but the jacket is not connected with tape.
    Name:  6 inch Flex Duct to Plenum.jpg
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    3. Is the top/side/back of AprilAir supposed to be wrapped? Is the taping okay without graded tape?
    Name:  AprilAire Install w o Insulation and no graded tape.jpg
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    4. Can AprilAir to metal plenum be taped with ungraded tape? See previous picture.
    5. Must a Wrapped Duct also be taped to the Wrapped over the plenum being connected to (final photo)
    5. Are supply plenum and other Supply areas required to have graded tape?

    This is in a 140 degree attic.

    Your Experience, knowledge and access to 2006 Mech Code is appreciated.
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