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to answer above question, unit is on side of house with no water runoff from roof. I guess the main point in all of this is please check all electrical connections on installs, double, triple- an extra ten minutes on day of install would have saved the approx $200 in cost incurred by the company to come back- I don't like to see anyone waste time and money, even if I'm not paying for it- I'm happy to do business with a good service company and want them to make a profit!
This can't be what I'm hearing from a consumer!!!! Lol.

Are you applying for a management position here? If you are, you're hired.

Seriously though, as a business owner, I live and breathe just your above statement daily. Hopefully the company has a process that will define the problem and take measures to eliminate ones like that one from happening.

It hurts everyone involved when they happen.