I just had a new American Standard 3 ton unit installed Wednesday, by Friday night it was making such a noise that I shut off, went to heat strips so we could sleep. I inspected on Saturday morning, had been raining for two days, temps in upper 30s, unit was covered in ice, in fact the fan blade froze to side of unit after I shut it off.

So, it is obvious the defrost cycle never triggered. Technician arrives to inspect my 3 day old unit, and yes, the wire 'came loose' on the connection under the house, no signal was sent to trigger defrost.

Now, understand, this isn't my first rodeo. I had problems with previous company on a unit install 10 years ago. This time, I went with a highly regarded company with a fair price, that advertises "its not the equipment that matters so much, but the quality of the install". So much for that. When paying my bill at the end of install Wednesday, I even let them know I'd be checking it out, as the previous company years back did a shoddy job of electric hookup, such that it was a fire hazard. (Not sure why inspectors never caught that). I realize that problems happen, and I didn't unload on anyone-we're all human, but hey, if you screwed up, you pay-no need to get emotional.

Question is, should I be concerned about with the complete ice over on my unit- the components on the side of the coil/condensor were solidly encased in 1/2 to 1" of ice. I do have a standard 10 year parts warranty. Thanks for any advice you can share.