Hi, I am looking for some reliable info regarding the new hvac licensing law in New Jersey. I have gone to technical school to be trained as an hvac tech and I am EPA certified amongst other certifications. I have about 1 year total trade experiance and I wanted to start my own business, but I thought since there were no real regulations in nj at the time to start an hvac business that I would take the time to go through an electrical apprenticeship to have my license in that to since I thought it would be helpful. Now I am at a point where I am just about done my electrical apprenticeship and wanting to get my hvac license as well but I read the new law and it said in order to be grandfatherd in you have to be in business for at least two years before the law goes into effect. So my question is number one does anyone know if I am correct about that requirement, and if anyone knows when this law is supposed to go into effect and basically any other helpful information because I would really hate to go into business for six months and have this law go into effect and be told that I have to close up shop and go through another apprenticeship to be eligable.