Another one. I recently went to a house where someone installed 3 trusteams. The house is roughly 4500 square feet. There is 3 HM506 6 gallon trusteams in there. It could not keep up with the 40% humidity this customer wanted in there. After talking to Honeywell, the guy told me to basically throw their chart out the window and go by feel. He suggested just adding another trusteam to raise humidity more. He also explained to me that the more wood and sheetrock, anything but metal and glass, that was in the house, the more humidity you will need. The house has a a ton of 4' poplar trim along all the walls on the first floor, and a mahogany trey ceiling on the second floor. Hardwood floor throughout as well, except for bathrooms. The heating system is all radiant in floor heat. I control the air handlers and trusteams with prestige t-stats. The house is fairly tight as well, 2x6 walls, but not foamed. I am not looking for an exact answer, I know that is impossible without al the info, but again, your thoughts, thanks. Hoping to see the tedbear gut on this