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Thread: Rheem ROBB-112A

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    Rheem ROBB-112A

    Hi Folks,
    Furnace went out last night and looking for the service manual for a ROBB-112A. Will appreciate if anyone from the forum can let me know where to find it before the wood for the fireplace runs out :-)
    Many Thanks, Steve

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    Sorry but we can't help you in the open forums, even if you yourself are qualified to do the necessary repair a third party could come along, find said service manual, get in over their head, and end up injured or dead. It sounds like you are asking for DIY advice and must have missed these red banners:

    Forum: General Discussion
    Any topic. **HOMEOWNERS, Please ask your questions in the AOP forum**


    Forum: AOP Residential HVAC
    FOR EQUIPMENT OWNERS ONLY Questions and discussions pertaining to HVAC for the home. No pricing, no DIY, please read Site Rules

    If you are in fact qualified, get your useful post count up and become a pro member then you can access the closed forums where such information can be provided.
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