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    Quote Originally Posted by ClimateCntlJohn View Post
    True dat man. I say we start using hampster wheels, authentically spun by a hampster haha. A piston on a reefer unit is interesting, dont believe Ive seen
    Yeah... hampster wheels... might move lots of conditioned air... problem is the conditioning of the air as it passes through a hampster cage... whoops...

    I was making a subtle yet sarcastic joke... I doubt folks will find a piston on refrigeration units... simply because TXV's are the way it is done. The point was to subtly poke folks to think in a bigger picture...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ga-hvac-tech View Post

    TXV's work as well as they are installed... maybe that is the issue???

    BTW: Ever see a piston on a refrigeration unit?

    Yeah on a 40 year old ice milk cooler,

    They don't work that well though! Have converted a few to txv's. They are more of a fixed orifice than a piston.

    Jimmyed, Nice looking install!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kangaroogod View Post
    Looks nice.. What did you use for wire in your whip? I have gone to using 14-3 sjo cable on the mitsubishis. It is outdoor rated, stranded, and black. Saves time having to deal with the whips, looks a tad fancier and works excellent on the multi head units so you don't have to run 5 whips which are a pain to get into the knockouts..
    When possible, try using THHN and combine them into one conduit, looks a lot cleaner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ga-hvac-tech View Post

    BTW: Ever see a piston on a refrigeration unit?
    Yes, it's called a capillary tube and their all the rage now among OEMs of self contained equipment because they're dirt cheap.

    I will admit I've never seen a fixed metering device on a split refrigeration system.

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    we have about 25 greenspeeds installed with virtually no mechanical issues .....yet, lol,
    Total Energy Management, inc

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