Hi everyone. New account. I did have a pro account but it has been so long since Ive been on that I cant retrive it.

I have been in the trade since 1998. Im 31 years old. Went to the local tech center while in high school and have been doing it ever since. Started out doing residential new construction installs. I had days where I wanted to quit but I didnt. I sucked it up and worked hard. I knew installs wasnt what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was always fascinated with learning how heat pumps and furnaces and things worked. I learned a lot from alot of great techs and what not to do by some not so great techs. I also learned a great deal from this site. I mainly do residential but I have commercial experience as well.
I just got a new job. I am overwhelmed!!! Never worked for a Lennox dealer before. Ive only been there 2 weeks and so far my mind is boggled by all the controls and relays that Lennox uses. Ive never worked on these xp 17s and 21s. I know Ill get it down. Just hope the new boss man will appreciate that. I am looking forward to the challenge. I am used to working on Yorks, Tranes and Goodman. Some old school Rheems too. I enjoy geothermals too. Any advice on learning the Lennox stuff? Thanks for reading. If I can help anyone please dont hesitate to hit me up. Stay safe out there.

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