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    Judaism and Muslima are a religion not a race. FYI.
    It's not if your doing it right it's whether your doing the right thing that is important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennac View Post
    You can thank LBJ and the commie loving Dems for doing everything possible for destroying our country.

    One was to change our immigration rules to allow the 3rd world to immigrate here. Prior to 1965 immigration was limited to mainly Northern Europe so 90% of all immigrants were from there and only 100,000 or so a year.

    LBJ changed all that. Everything the commie loving Dems can to co change and destroy our country they do and this is only one example. Thank you, thank you very much
    Americans back in those days worked their fingers to the bone. Welfare was unheard of. You either worked and made a living , or you starved.

    Then came the democrat , along with a republican or two in sheeps clothing , pretending to be republicans , yet were truly democrats.

    They created welfare programs.

    Then came the people who heard the state was giving out Free cheese , bread , milk.

    Then came the trailer park trash. Wow we dont have to work anymore !! yay

    Then came the children of the slaves who thought the country owed them something because their ancestors were treated poorly.

    Then came the projects.

    Then was the hard working Americans supporting both , the trailer park trash , and the slums of the projects.

    Word got around the border about such programs.

    Then came the illegals by the thousands.

    Some work cutting crass , or doing carpentry , the rest , on welfare having babies collecting on OUR DIME

    So now we have the hard working Americans not willing to work quite so hard knowing we are supporting half the nation while everyone sits on their asses.

    Then came the hard working Americans trying to hide their cash from the Gov , knowing it will be wasted.

    Then came the IRS busting the hard workers and hitting them with big fines for trying to hide their hard earned cash.

    Then we began investing overseas , hah try and get my interest now ....

    Then came the internet theives , scaring many from doing business in any way shape or form.

    And now you have the slump we are in now. Hard working Americans tired of this crap.

    Lord only knows when the USA will be normal again , if ever.

    Pfffffft before long we will have our hard working Immigrants who busted their asses to open a business here , looking to move back to their own country where its better than here now

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