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That is just the probes that are designed for securing to a pipe, and not all of them at that.
I'm feeling to lazy to dig out air, surface and immersion probes/instruments, I tested them last month.

I don't find IR thermometers particularly useful for much besides looking for hot electrical connections and breakers/fuses, so I only have a really cheap one.
The thermal imaging camera is at the shop.
My next >$500 tool purchase will be a Fluke VT02 Visual IR thermometer, sometime this spring/summer. It will be perfect for electrical and motor diagnostics, as well as some limited duct leakage/building diagnostics on service calls.
Obviously it won't come near taking the place of a thermal imaging camera for building diagnostics, but it is something I can pack in my tool bag to every service call.
Infrared guns are good for little more than determining a temperature difference in my book. I use mine to walk around and shoot diffusers, around windows etc. The thermal camera I want is like 10 grand LOL...not exactly in my budget for a tool that would get used occasionally.