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    Field Piece...I have an idea for you.Wireless Tachometer Head

    Probably should just invent one, cause no one else manufactures anything close.

    Everyone knows when checking the blower RPM, you need the blower access door closed to get an actual "under load" rpm.

    Most of us will drill a hole in the access panel to point the laser through. I usually do this but it is a pain in the butt to sometimes get things lined up. Or many times blower pulleys are perpendicular to the door and just not possible.

    If your reading to see a laser tachometer accessory head with multi-point magnets. This way I can position the laser pointing at the reflective tape, shut the blower door and see my RPMs live and under load conditions. I use the amp clamp accessory head with the wireless transmitter to get accurate "under load" blower motor amps with the door closed, wish I could just do a quick swap and get my RPM's.

    Save a bunch of time when commissioning new equipment...heck you already have a non-contact laser temperature head, your not that far off from a non-contact laser tachometer.

    Food for thought.


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    Good idea^

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    Yeah this is a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slctech View Post
    Everyone knows when checking the blower RPM, you need the blower access door closed to get an actual "under load" rpm.
    Not "everyone", I've had some pretty heated arguments with certified commercial TAB guys about that point.

    One time I even had an opportunity to prove it to a TAB guy that was checking blower RPM on some 10 and 15 ton package units on a job.
    He claimed that 3 phase blowers don't slow down, when the blower panel is removed.
    On the particular 15 ton unit he was checking when I approached him, I was able to prove to him that there was almost a 15% difference in blower RPM between having the panel on and having it off.
    Didn't phase him a bit, and he continued checking and adjusting the rest of the units with the f'ing panels off.
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    Thanks all. I will send the suggestion to the appropriate place for further investigation.

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