ive got a mobile/automotive hvac question, custom application.

would anyone here be able to assist? i realise this forum seems to be not mobile or auto, but i have no idea where to find help on mobile auto hvac question.

i'll throw this out here and maybe someone knowledgable will be willing to assist....

im a four wheel drive enthusiast. im building an expo rig,.. a truck for long distance exploring and vacationing/camping.

its a 1987 toyota 4runner, factory a/c.

im swapping in a mercedes five cyl diesel ( om617 )

the mercedes motor has a york single cylinder vertical a/c compressor. (other than the obvious custom ac hoses, thats not an issue)

what do i need to do or take into consideration for adapting the york compressor for use with the toyota a/c system reliably. how would i calculate charge and amount of oil etc. i am an auto tech, but limited a/c experience. ive got evac recharge equipment. the truck is already converted to r134a.

if this is a bad place to ask for help, can anyone refer me to a more appropriate forum or source for custom a/c in my situation?

thanks in advance.