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    New home: 1H/1C panel with a dual stage furnace and A/C doesn't work

    I moved into a new house this past December. I noticed during the winter that the house would sometimes feel rather too cold than I thought it should given the thermostat setting. This week I tried to turn on A/C for the first time and the compressor outside doesn't even start up.

    I looked up the control panel installed and it is a Honeywell HZ311, which is a 1H/1C panel. My furnace is definitely a 2 stage heater. Would this explain why the house sometimes felt cold during the winter? Could this the reason the A/C isn't working, or there is something else going on there?

    Should I be replacing the existing panel with a more compatible model right away?

    Thanks in advance!

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    does panel mean thermostat( the device mounted on a wall that you adjust the temperature with)?

    with no information on the furnace or a/c, no way to tell if there is a reason to switch thermostats.

    most likely the thermostat is NOT the cause of no a/c, but it is a small possibility.

    what have you done to try to figure out the problem- checked/replaced air filter, checked breaker panel for tripped/off breaker to a/c, verified thermostat is in cooling mode and calling for cooling?
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    We have no idea what equipment you have.
    Brand model and serial #
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    Thank you for making me do the basic steps myself! Yes, the circuit breaker was not switched on for the A/C. Duh.

    I am still curious if I should have this Honeywell HZ311 panel replaced. It is not the thermostat, but attached to the outside of the furnace with lights denoting which zone is turned on and whether it is turned on Heat or Cooling. It is called the "Honeywell TrueZone HZ311 Zone Panel" and it is designed for a 3 zone 1 stage system. I see that they make different models for 2 stage HVAC systems.

    My furnace is a 2 stage Goodman 95% efficient furnace - sorry I don't have the model number right now, and the A/C is a Goodman SSX140361BB.

    Thanks again.

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    If your furnace is a GMH. Then its staging can't be controlled by any thermostat or zone panel. Only the furnace's control board controls staging.
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