So Joe Biden says folks should get a shotgun for protection and even told his wife when trouble comes just walk out on the balcony and fire off two rounds into the air.

Of course, as a gun owner who know the safety rules as well as state and federal law I immediately recognized that OL Joe has no idea of firearm safety. We don't fire off rounds into the air. We always know our target and what is behind our target.

But, still his advice is worse than that. You see, firing warning shots is against the law in every state that I am aware of. So, are we to take our legal advice from Joe? That's right, he is a lawyer so he knows the law. Or, does he?

These same people know next to nothing about firearms other than how bad some of them look. They have no idea of even the most basic safety rules and no idea of the legal system regarding self-defense. Yet they know what is best for us.

Come on Joe, keep giving us advice...